Trade in cards

Get Cash or Store Credit for your MTG cards!

Do you have a collection or group of cards you want to trade in? Well we offer great pricing on trade ins so turn that old stuff into something new! 

We off the following rates on trade ins for MTG cards:

Bulk cards under $2 value each - $5 per thousand

total $500 value or less - 40% of market low cash or 60% store credit*

$500 or more - 50% market low cash or 70% store credit*

$10K or more - contact us for details!

Trading in is easy - you send in the cards we give you our price and if you aren't satisfied with the price we can send them back! Contact us for more details or to set up a trade in or send us an email at

*we reserve the right to refuse purchases/trade ins for any reason, total only calculated total for cards valued at over $2 retail